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Total Trades Copied By Investors

Monthly Returns
Max Draw down
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CS-Forex Price Action Trading 0.61% 9.82% Myfxbook Link Copy Now
Vine Trend Following 1.97% 14.04% Myfxbook Link Copy Now
Turtle EUR Majors Trading 2.77% 6.63% Myfxbook Link Copy Now
Strive Day Trading Strategy 6.95% 11.25% Myfxbook Link Copy Now

*Our strategies are hidden away from the community and can only be unlocked by requesting through the Client Portal. Upon successful copying, you will see the social nick appear in your web trader profile.

**Copy Now leads you to the Client Portal because we require you to authenticate the request.




About Copying Strategies

C 7 Traders offers fund management strategies that allows our investors to copy, giving them a form of alternate investment. Copying is fully automated and does not require any fees.

Find out more below, or read our FAQ.

Who / What are Strategies

Strategies are trading algorithms / strategies, run and managed by fund managers and traders (institutional or personal) who list their trading strategies online for investors to invest in.

C 7 Traders is always on a lookout for profitable strategies to list on our site. having a wide range of strategies allows our investors to find a suitable one that fits their investment objectives.

There are no fees to copying our strategies. You will only need to meet the minimum sum required.


Yes, you can. Before you commence copying, you may choose to increase the risk reward ratio from 2 – 4 times. This means that you can expect up to 4x the stated monthly returns. Similarly, the draw down will be magnified by 4x.

*A general rule to risk multiplication is to keep it constant, changing it during  your copying period will result in varying returns from the strategy, even though you are allowed to do so.

Yes, all are strategies are equipped with a hard stop out at 20%. Meaning should a strategy hit 20% draw down, the strategy will be stopped, together with your copying account to prevent further losses.

All amendments made to the copying must be done from the Client Portal.

Yes, only if there are no existing trades and that the account has met the minimum sum required.

Should you wish to conduct your own trades, and also copy our strategies, you will need to have a separate live account. Email info@c7traders.com and we’ll assist you with it.

Unfortunately you can’t. Each strategy requires a new account. You may fund the new account or do a internal transfer from the Client Portal to meet the minimum sum required.

The reason is because each strategy P&L has to be accounted for and also to prevent multiple strategies from utilising margin unnecessarily.

You may click on the “Copy Now” button at the end of the strategy name or you could do so from the Client Portal, under the Strategy tab.

Definitely, we are constantly looking out for traders who can perform. All our strategies must go through a minimum of 6 months live trading on our platform with a minimum deposit of US$5,000. If you have a verified Myfxbook record, we are able to shorten this trial or even sponsor your live account.

Once you’ve made your deposit, write in to fundmanager@c7traders.com to request for your trial. We are looking out for consistency, prudent risk management, trading style more than huge returns and swings.

*Accounting Day falls on the last working day of each month. All strategies will be tabulated and investors will receive an email notification with a statement regarding the months’ performance.

Payout will be made on the 7th of the following month.

Should you request for profits to be compounded, you can request for your payout at your own convenience through the Client Portal. Your high watermark will then be reduced to the amount left after withdrawal.

*There may or may not be changes to Accounting Day. We will inform prior should there be changes. 

If your question is not listed here, you may wish to read up on our FAQ or drop us an email at info@c7traders.com

  • No Fees or Commissions
  • Profit Sharing Scheme
  • Monthly Updated Strategies
  • Average 2-10% Monthly Returns
  • Hassle-Free Automated Copying
  • Monthly Payout

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