Signal Provider Results DEC 2017

1. HuiYang ENG
Returns Last Month: – 1.59% | Average Monthly: + 5.69% | Overall since Inception: + 214.11%

HUIYANG focuses on Support and Resistance Analysis and Price Action for Low Risk Entry. Every trades have a stop loss and risk will be neutralized by moving stop loss to break even after a good run into favorable direction. The average holding period is 2-4 days. Although it is not the primary objective, his positions tend to have 1:2 or higher risk-to-reward ratio.


2. PyroStrategy ENG
Returns Last Month: – 2.19% | Average Monthly: + 1.77% | Overall since Inception: + 20.88%

PyroStrategy is a manual trader who became a sensation on the popular social trading platform, Zulutrade. He trades a range of currency pairs and applies sophisticated hedging techniques to keep risk low.

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3. Metamorphosis ENG
Returns Last Month: + 0.49% | Average Monthly: + 2.83% | Overall since Inception: + 69.07%

METAMORPHOSIS is an experienced trader, using daily charts for analysis. He mainly trades on USD pairs, using basket trading strategy. With the diversification of multiple forex pairs, he is able to maximize his risk-reward ratio for each trade.


4. Centaur ENG
Returns Last Month: + 1.99% | Average Monthly: + 1.44% | Overall since Inception: + 16.13%

CENTAUR employs an EA that places trades during selected periods, assuming price is going to return to average value and take profit at defined levels. The system does not use much indicators, martingale, hedging or trades on major news. Based solely on price movement and is not overloaded with numerous filters.


5. Medusas ENG
Returns Last Month: – 1.76% | Average Monthly: + 1.71% | Overall since Inception: + 17.90%

MEDUSAS trades on EURUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY, and GBPUSD currency pairs with maximum 1 position of each pair. Maximum 2 positions at any time. The Stop Loss varies depend on the fluctuation range, with maximum setting of 70 pips. The average of trade length is around 2-3 hours and most of the trade close within 12 hours.


6. ThunderBolt ENG
Returns Last Month: + 1.20% | Average Monthly: + 0.53%| Overall since Inception: + 2.12%

THUNDERBOLT is a manual trader that focuses on day to day trades. His strategy employs key reversal indicators in the market during times of volatility. The strategy identifies reversal using mainly RSI indicator during shorter time frames – 15 mins, 5 mins & 1 min.


7. Serpents ENG
Returns Last Month: – 0.20% | Average Monthly: + 0.25% | Overall since Inception: + 1.41%

SERPENTS is an experienced trader using technical analysis functions, optimized to withstand and predict market swings. It uses two methods of closure – A conservative fixed stop loss and TP approach and a variable approach that is not visible to the Broker.


8. YieldMaster ENG
Returns Last Month: + 0.71% | Average Monthly: + 2.57% | Overall since Inception: + 7.75%

YieldMaster uses multiple trading strategies: scalping, trend and breakout; both, automated and manual trading.It is designed to work on long term with minimum draw dawn.

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9. BronzeChampion ENG
Returns Last Month: – 0.78% | Average Monthly: +1.76% | Overall since Inception: + 5.32%

BronzeChampion is a trend following System trading on 4 different currency pairs. Stop-Loss is around 40 pips, Take-Profit is between 43 and 55 pips.

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10. PipsMachine ENG
Returns Last Month:  + 0.30% | Average Monthly: + 0.36% | Overall since Inception: + 1.09%

PipsMachine is managed by three independent strategies that are the result of several years of experience in developing quantitative strategies. Each strategy is fully automated and monitored daily. All strategies work with a predefined SL and TP that is either submitted with the order or internally managed by the algorithm.

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That’s it for December! We’ll be back again next month, stay tuned!


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