Shanghai Moneyfair 2017

967ECCDA-D157-4C47-879A-7EBD046C0543-4075-00000205120CB1EE-tmpOnce again, the team is back in Shanghai for the annual Money Fair Forex Expo, one of the largest (if not the largest) financial exhibition here. There were more than 170 participating brokers and other financial services within this exhibition and the never ending flow of people makes this years exhibition a busy and fun-filled one.



Despite being an overseas broker, C 7 Traders has always stand out from the rest with competitively low spreads and STP execution. Our promise to our customers has also brought back a number of familiar faces to our booth, most of them weve met during our past exhibitions and its always a delight to meet up with them.


Getting interviewed by media companies is one great way to showcase what we can offer to the retailers.


Social Trading is also one of the advantages that we have, allowing retailers to copy onto our signal providers, thereby diversifying their portfolio. Weve had many curious and interested people coming over to inquire, some of them even copied on the spot!

Overall, it has always been a fun and exciting experience to be exhibiting in Money Fair, the sheer number of people is a great exposure to a growing company like us. Hope to see you there again, Shanghai Money Fair 2018!

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