C 7 Traders Deposit Bonus Promotion


C 7 Traders is now offering a deposit bonus promotion! Get up to US$500 on your first and subsequent deposits, allowing you start trading with more capital!

Get free $500 automatically when you deposit with us.
  • Automatic credit
  • Available to all clients
  • First and subsequent deposits
  • Non-withdrawable Bonus

Trading FX & CFDs involves risk of loss.

What is this Deposit Bonus Promotion?

The deposit bonus promotions is an offer aimed to give our clients a kick start in their trading journey by offering up to US$500 as bonus funds.

Any amount withdrawn from your account will result in the proportionate withdrawal of the bonus funds.

Who is eligible for this promotion?

This bonus is made available to all live accounts regardless if you sign up with an affiliate. Clients will receive their first bonus upon depositing funds into their live account.

*The bonus funds are not available to clients who are copying onto our premium strategies as the difference in equity proportion will result in additional risks.

Deposit Bonus Explained

Please refer to the simplified guide below to help you understand better.

Final Deposit
US$500 50% of US$500 US$250 US$750
US$1,000 50% of US$1,000 US$500 US$1,500
US$2,000 50% of US$2,000 US$500 (Capped) US$2,500

The example below will explain how the trading bonus will be removed in proportion to your withdrawal request.

Trading Bonus Awarded
Withdrawal Amount
Amount of Trading Bonus Removed
US$1,000 US$500 US$1,500 US$750 (50% of US$1,500) US$250 (50% of US$500)

You are strongly advised to read the full Terms and Conditions here.

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