Trading in commodities has been going on for centuries and even in the digital age, Sugar, Wheat, Gold and many other soft commodities are still being traded. Investors can also utilise instruments like Gold, Crude Oil and Natural Gas to diversify and risk manage their portfolio.

Commodities Product Specifications

The product specifications allows you to understand the spreads, margin and trading hours of the commonly traded pairs.

Min. Spread
Margin Rate From
Trading Hours (GMT +8)
XAUUSD. 0.40 1.00% 07:01 – 05:59
XAGUSD. 0.04 4.00% 07:01 – 05:59
CrudeOil 0.40 1.00% 07:01 – 05:59
BrentOil 0.40 1.00% 09:01 – 06:59 (Mon to Thurs)
09:01 – 05:59 (Fri)
NGAS 0.003  4.00% 07:01 – 05:59
SUGAR 0.02   4.00% 16:31 – 01:59
COFFEE 0.13   4.00% 17:16 – 02:29
COPPER 0.006   4.00% 07:01 – 05:59

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To calculate margin utilisation for each instrument, you may use the Forex Calculator here.

About Commodities Trading

CFD trading lets you speculate on the price movement of the market, regardless of whether prices are bullish or bearish. When you trade CFDs, you are speculating on the price movement of your chosen asset rather than owning the underlying instrument.

Commodities that are frequently traded in the financial markets are typically the ones that drive the global economy world that we live in. They include hard (mined or extracted) commodities such as gold/silver and also soft (commodities that are grown) such as wheat, sugar, corn etc.

Commodities are usually traded in futures CFD contract, with the exception of Gold/Silver spot contracts.

All futures come with an expiry date and the date refers to the month that the instrument will expire. Piror to expiry, we will notify our clients to rollover their positions. BrentOil and CrudeOil are automatically rolled over on our platform

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