Currency Pair
Minimum Spread
Average Spread
EURUSD. 0.7 0.9
GBPUSD. 1.0 1.0
USDJPY. 0.7 1.5
AUDUSD. 0.8 1.1


Trade on Forex through CFDs, ranging from major to exotic pairs including RBL, CZK and ZAR.


Through our futures and cash contracts, you can now trade on products like Crude and Brent Oil, Natural Gas, Gold and other precious metals.

Minimum Spread
Average Spread
XAUUSD. 0.4 0.4
XAGUSD. 0.04 0.04
CrudeOil 0.04 0.04
BrentOil 0.04 0.04
Minimum Spread
Average Spread
SP 1.50 1.50
NSDQ 0.75 0.75
HANG 7.00 7.00
DOW 3.00 3.00


Trade major indices including HSI  & A50 and speculate on their movement.

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  • Cash rebates for high-volume traders

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