About Us

C 7 Traders is a leading brokerage, using an advanced social platform for simpler and smarter trading. Our key operation focuses on providing retail investors access to thousands of financial markets through our award winning trading platform. We also perform in-house proprietary trading in FX and CFDs.

We aim to transform the way trading is conducted by introducing a transparent and sharing model. Through copy trading, retail investors are able to leverage on the wisdom of the community and build a profitable portfolio.

Customer service is of utmost importance to us and we incorporate a customer-centric model, combining bespoke trading functionality through our platform with the widest suite of products to offer our clients the best pricing, execution and liquidity.

We have over 50 professional in-house senior traders that provide critical analysis and guidance to our clients. Our staffs are highly trained and experienced, with an in-depth knowledge of the market outlook. Their precision in execution and expert viewpoints ensure our clients a winning strategy in their trades.

Letter From CEO

I have never been in touch with the finance industry because the uncertainty and risks involved with trading is so tremendous and it often scares people away from it. But as the saying goes, we only fear what we don’t understand. Hence, C 7 Traders emerged.

We all understand that trading is not something a layman can pick up easily besides the fact that there are tons of trading courses that doesn’t quite seem to help you other than handing them your hard earned cash before they even teach you what a candlestick chart is. Besides, the constant news reading and keeping up to date with financial events seems like a chore. Therefore, I wanted to make trading simple and easy to learn, without having to go through quack courses and at the same time get legit, quality education and information. That seems like a tough challenge.

Having not come from the digital generation puts me at a disadvantage on not knowing how powerful technology has become and I realise that there is no other way but to embrace it, even if it takes a lot of effort to do so. As a passionate Bullmastiff breeder, I was introduced to social media where I managed to find people of similar interest to share tips and tricks on breeding this gentle giant. It then struck me that I can do the same for trading.

We developed C 7 Traders in close partnership with some of the world’s leading technology providers to tackle the challenges we defined. C 7’s Social Trading platform removes the need to take up trading courses by including a social stream, leaderboard, charting tools, news feed and many other features that saves you time, prevents costly mistakes and motivates better decision making.

We strongly believe social trading is the solution to help get people interested in trading and at the same time get quality education through copying other professional traders. Once you grasp the fundamentals of trading, anyone can leverage on professional traders within the community and understand the rationale behind their winning trades.

Today, we continue to grow and attract the best and brightest people to help transform the way people trade. Our mission to make trading smart and simple has just begun.

Respectfully yours,

Derick Ng
Chairman, CEO

Management Team


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  • C 7 Traders Career Opportunities
  • C 7 Traders Career Opportunities

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client deposit - Bank Transfer

For bank transfers, please refer to the information below. For online transfer please click here for additional information.


: C 7 Traders Singapore Pte Ltd

: 100 Pasir Panjang Road 02-08  Postal Code: 118518

: OCBC Bank

: 86/88 Serangoon Garden Way Postal Code: 555982



: C 7 Traders Singapore Pte Ltd

: 100 Pasir Panjang Road 02-08  Postal Code: 118518

: OCBC Bank

: 86/88 Serangoon Garden Way Postal Code: 555982



Please inform C 7 Traders by e-mail ( support@c7traders.com ) with the following details when a deposit is made into our bank account so that our compliance team can follow up.
  1. Personal details including trading account number and registered username.
  2. Bank details including bank's name, bank's account number and amount in currency transferred.
  3. Time of the transfer made and transfer method.
  4. Please note that if you deposit funds in a different currency from your trading account, it will be converted based on the daily prevailing exchange rate.
Please expect up to 5 working days for funds transferred via banks to be reflected in trading account as it will be subjected to their processing and clearing. For immediate processing, please choose to transfer funds via our online payment system. We are unable to accept third-party payments, all funds must come from a bank account in the same name as your C 7 Traders Trading account. Joint bank account payments are accepted if your name is one of the parties. This also applies to credit card funding.

client deposit - Online Payment

For online payment, please log into your trading account and click on 'Deposit Tab'
For bank transfer please click here for additional information

Payment Method

  • visa
    Visa Fees: None Maximum transaction amount: $5,000 Restrictions: Certain countries blocked**
  • master card
    MasterCard Fees: None Maximum transaction amount: $5,000 Restrictions: Certain countries blocked**
  • union pay
    China UnionPay (CUP) Fees: None Maximum transaction amount: No Limit Restrictions: Certain countries blocked**

Client Withdrawal

Withdrawal of funds will only be made available to the bank account stated below. Our compliance team will verify it with your bank account details submitted during registration as well as the bank account number which you deposited from.

Account Information

Remittance Information


For closure of account, please make sure to close off all open positions and open orders to avoid delay in processing the withdrawal request


  • C 7 Traders does not charge a serving fee for withdrawal. However, your withdrawal may be converted to the base currency of your account, subjected to the prevailing exchange rates and fees, if any.

  • Please expect up to 5 working days for funds to be available in your bank account as funds transferred to other banks will be subject to their processing and clearing.

  • You can receive your initial deposit via the payment method initially used and then all excess funds (profits) will be sent to your bank account.

Your withdrawal application is successful.

Once your funds are withdrawn from your trading account, you will recieve a confirmation email.

If you do not hear from us after 1 day, please contact us at: support@c7trader.com